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About EZ Fit

The EZ Fit brand of fasteners has more than 15 years of job-site proven performance, meeting contractors’ demands in terms of ease of drive, holding power and, most importantly, consistent quality.

EZ Fit nails are manufactured to precise specifications in facilities across the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that each box, each fastener will do the job for which it is intended. That performance is backed up by Fastening Solutions – we guarantee that EZ Fit will meet or exceed your job site expectations.

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20°, 28° or 30° (Plastic, Wire or Paper tape collation) – Full Round Head, Offset Round or Clipped


0° & 15° Coil Nails, VF25 tool and fasteners


16-gauge staples (Standard and Wide Crown), Button Caps


Cleats and Staples


15-, 16- and 18-gauge Finish Nails & Brads (Straight and Angled)


Coil Nails, Button Cap Staples

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