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For all your projects, when there’s no time to lose, let EZ Fit get you started faster with our high-quality, contractor-grade fasteners that get you going and keep you going.

    Flooring Cleats/Nails

    If you need high quality fasteners for your flooring projects, EZ Fit has the fasteners you need. Our line of flooring nails & cleats will keep your floors firmly secured to your subfloor, reducing creaks and noises, but still provide the flexibility needed to allow heat and cold to shrink and expand your flooring.

    Nobody wants to put down flooring just to have it slide of shift weeks, days, or even hours after installation. When putting down solid wood floors, trust in nails/cleats that are built for quality and are industry tested to keep you satisfied. Check out our line of flooring fasteners and get started with the product that’s right for you.

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    Flooring Staples

    Make EZ Fit your fastener supplier to make sure that your project runs quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. We are happy to offer the highest quality flooring staples available to contractors and construction companies for all jobs and projects.

    Our fasteners are designed to maintain the floors while still securing them steadfast, all for a wholesale price. For solid hardwood, laminate, or engineered flooring jobs, fasteners like narrow crown staples or cleats provide a solid hold and prevent floor boards from shifting while still holding the seams as close together as possible.

    With maximum holding strength and cost efficiency, staples are the way to go. Find out more about our premier flooring staples and get them on your job.

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    Framing Nails

    EZ Fit’s fasteners will be with you on your project from start to finish. That’s why we offer the best framing nails in the business: to get you started early and finished fast.

    EZ Fit offers a variety of framing nails, usable with most major nail gun brands like Hitachi, Bostich, MAX, DeWalt, and Senco. With an assortment of varieties, including smooth shank, galvanized, and bright, EZ Fit can easily supply what you need for anything from a major sub division build to a simple backyard fence repair. Check out our fastener cross-reference chart to see what fasteners fit your equipment.

    These high quality nails are battle hardened and contractor tested to the specifications you need. Great for 2×4 assemblies, securing deck joists, securing wall sheathing, installing plywood roofs, and just about anything else. Get in touch with EZ Fit to get yours now.

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    Finish Nails & Brads

    On that last leg of your project, EZ Fit wants to help you finish smootlhly, quickly, and, most of all, with the satisfaction that you deserve from your build. For that reason, EZ Fit offers the best in finish nails and brads. EZ Fit carries 15 gauge, 16 gauge angled or straight, and 18 gauge. 18 gauge narrow crown staples are also available upon request. These fasteners are great for crown moulding, base moulding, and shoe moulding. Finish nails are also good for cabinet assembly. If you are looking for a low profile nail that still has a great hold and won’t let overhead cabinetry sway, then look no further. With its small head, it will go unrecognizable; with its long shank, it will root firmly into 2×4’s, drywall, plywood, and more. Find out more about these nails and get yours today.

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    Finish Staples

    EZ Fit offers top of the line staples for finish and trim. These staples make quick work of crown molding, base molding, shoe molding, and more. Their small size and profile make them nearly indistinguishable on your finished trim. These staples are notable for their tremendous hold in wood, plywood, and sheetrock.  Almost in opposition to their small size, EZ Fit’s finish trim staples have great hold, preventing your finish from shifting, peeling, and warping. In addition, they make short work of cabinet veneer and trim work, hiding easily, but holding tightly. Easily painted, stained, or covered with painter’s putty, EZ Fit’s finish trim staples are perfect for the later stages of your project.

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    Sheathing & Roofing Staples

    Getting a roof on your building, office, or home is one of the most crucial parts of making a structure sound. Small leaks can lead to collapsed ceilings, water damage, and, eventually, collapse (if you allow it to get that far). Start your roofing and weatherproofing right by attaching roof sheathing correctly. Here to help is EZ Fit with sheathing staples. These 16 gauge staples, designed to hold, offer you all the convenience of a strong hold without sacrificing quality. Used with a staple gun, sheathing staples make short work of the job and leave you satisfied with a product you know was built to last. Whether you prefer staples or nails for sheathing, EZ Fit has the right product. Check out our sheathing staples and see how EZ Fit can be your wholesale fastener provider.

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    Finishing a project can be a tedious task. Fortunately, EZ Fit is here to make the end of any job run smoother. With all the trim fasteners you need, let EZ Fit be your wholesale fastener supplier and see how our quality products make all the difference.


    When you build from the ground up, you know you want to start with a solid foundation. Let EZ Fit help with exceptional fasteners designed for framing and guaranteed to keep your structure standing.


    Building and hanging a cabinet means you want it to stay there and look like it was built to last. With EZ Fit fasteners, you can have both. Low profile trim nails and staples help you put your cabinetry together and keep it together, with no warping or peeling.

    Service you trust, Quality you want, Products you need

    EZ Fit has got you covered

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    EZ Fit prides itself on its role as your premier fastener provider

    The applications are endless and we have the products to make them work. From framing to finsih, we will see your project through to the end. EZ Fit strives to be your fastener supplier and gives you the means to get your jobs finished on time. In line with our dedication to customer service, EZ Fit offers the information and knowledge you need; from the everyday DIY’er to the professional contractor, EZ Fit wants you to know the product and value the application of all of our fasteners. For projects big and small, EZ Fit values your time and knows when you buy one of our products, you expect the highest quality at an affordable price with a proven performance record. To this end, EZ Fit gives you the best.

    Check the EZ Fit Catalog to pick out the right wholesale fastener for all of your projects!

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    Don’t waste time and money on something that doesn’t hold well. Go with EZ Fit and see why it’s the preferred choice of do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.