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Using the correct type and size of fastener is essential for completing your project successfully and on time. Different fasteners have different uses and different sizes work best for different structures and materials. Make sure you are using the right fastener for the job with the easy-to-follow EZ-Fit Fastener Cross Reference Guide.

Finding Your Fastener

Construction products are hard enough as it is. Drawing out plans, gathering materials, building foundations – all require large amounts of time and a lot of concentration. The last thing anyone wants as the start to get into the swing of things is to find out that the length of the staples they just bought is not the right size for the staple gun they’re using. Then, you have to drop everything you’re doing to make your way to the nearest hardware store or lumber yard, costing valuable work time and getting you nowhere. With the EZ-Fit Fastener Cross Reference Guide, you can eliminate this problem at the source. Don’t risk buying the wrong type or length fastener for your job; just check the guide.

The chart is very easy to follow. Headings dictate the type and gauge of the fasteners in the list that follows. Start by identifying what sort of fastener you are using for your project. Directly following this is the chart of all related staples_framingproducts. On the left hand side, a column provides the number for the EZ-Fit fastener. The column immediately to the right of this shows a brief description of the product, outlining the type and length of the fastener. The additional columns then provide brands of tools with a corresponding item number for which EZ-Fit fastener fits with each tool. It’s that easy. Simply find your desired need by either matching your tool serial number to the fastener required or vice-versa.

Don’t let something as needless as the wrong size fastener put the brakes on your project. Take the time to plan out your material list and gather all required nails, screws, and staples before you start working. Time is money, and the last thing you need is for something to slow your project down when it can be so easily avoided.  For help choosing which fastener is right for you, check out the EZ-Fit Fastener Cross-Reference Guide, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

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